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Product description

Inwiniti Modular Multi-function Wine Display System, is made of four panels through intelligent design. Its patent applied mechanism lets you turn any wall, space, and room into an Architectural focal center.

Store wine bottles both horizontal and vertical, as a showpiece display, and a candle stand all in one.

Patent design unlike any other

Inwiniti offers the world’s highest flexibility in wine display system that will collapse down to single panel to reinstall in any new configuration. This provides a great value as a permanent asset that can be used time and again without losing the investment.

Product highlights

  • Modular. Two panels designed to create scalable display shelves, today and tomorrow.
  • 360 Degrees. Allows visbility from all sides, unlike others.
  • Infinite Flexibility. Two panels can create a table top module or cover an entire wall.
  • Lighting Grooves. That allow architectural feature through the display and bottles.
  • Durable Strength. Made in seasoned teak wood with thickened columns and modular support from adjacent units.
  • Novel Design. Unlike anything you have even seen in modular displays. Function and form in sync.

Create a Wine Wall Elegant Inwiniti Cellars



Its a great day to plan your wine cellar, be free because you can expand it as your list grows. Why get stuck with structured systems. Inwiniti Cellar will expand continuously with your wines.

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

More than just a storage structure the architectural element offer cross lighting, and installation options to turn the space into memorable unique experience.

Modular Installation, Design your Cellar

Modular Installation, Design your Cellar

Easy to install within a day's time, the Inwiniti is created out if End plates and Inplate. Together they create a flexible, fast and attractive wine cellar. Ten to thousands of bottles, its simple for us.

Send in your wine wall area, and we will provide no charge design consultation and proposal.

Innovation in Wine Storage

Surpassing every wine cellar design.

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